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As you all know, buying a car can be quite an expensive affair and many of us might not have the required budget to afford a brand-new car. So, what should you do? Well, you need not worry as we have got it all covered for you. We have an extraordinary range of pre-owned used cars in India available from some of the most reputed brands. Now you can compare with an xtraordinary range to buy used cars in India that you can search from our website. We offer you an excellent choice and value for your money on your used car purchase. We have cars available in various price ranges and location like Used Cars in Delhi, sell used cars in Bangalore, & Used Cars In Mumbai, you can pick the car that perfectly meets all your needs and requirement. You simply need to choose your favorite car and the car will be all yours in the shortest possible time.
Searching cars in different websites and comparing them is not possible in general scenarios and will be hectic job so why do not use Vroomwheel !

When it comes to buying used cars in India, one could not find a better companion for their needs than Vroom Wheel – the No. 1 search platform for used cars in India. With Vroom Wheel, one can search for their car according to their residence and budget without any hassle.

Vroom Wheel makes the task of finding the right used car according to one’s requirements extremely easy. One can simply search for their requirement at Vroom Wheel without any hassle. Make sure you fill in the details in the tool and filter choices to find the best used car.
At Vroom Wheel, we are the search engines for providing used cars of different brands. We have a wide range of options of used cars available for you. You can check our extensive range to find the ideal option for you.
The price of a used car depends on various factors such as the model number and brand. You can connect with our professionals and discuss your needs to seize the best deals. We understand your needs and provide you with the best quote that fits your budget.
Yes, we provide you with a reliable tool through which you can compare the prices before you buy used cars.


I was looking at purchasing a used car in Bangalore and found a car which I liked on vroomwheel. I am very happy after buying a car from such a great platform. The was in excellent condition!


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I bought a used car from vroomwheel for my family, Car riding experience is good till now as giving a good mileage. The service cost is not so high and easily can be maintained by a middle-class person and can be in budget for every person!

Arushi Gour

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Nalini Pal

I am from Mumbai, a few days ago I was looking for used car and I found one model at vroomwheeli bought that used car after some days and now I my using it day &night. It is used one but no one can say this. Car is performing so well; it is giving a good mileage. Must recommend vroomwheel for used cars!


Awesome experience of buying used Wagon R from vroomwheel. The whole process was hassle
free and all executives were prompt and polite. I appreciate all the efforts from vroomwheel to make my experience for used car pleasurable. And cherry on
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Purchased Hundai i10 used car with an excellent experience. Very helpful and professional staff. They really helped out with getting me the best deal & went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me. l would highly recommend this vroomwheel platform to my other family members and friends!

Sanjana Soni